Easy ways to organize my home office desk?

Easy ways to organize my home office desk

Today in every house there is a kind home office to work remotely for remote workers and a workplace/studyplace for students and teachers to continue their education and distance learning from home. In this article, we are going to cover all the new techniques and tricks to organize the home office desk.
Orgowise separated advices on two basic groups:

  1. The write place of devices, desk organizers and accessories
  2. Some changes in our daily behavior

A – Where is the recommended place for the office, devices, desk organizers and accessories


you should place the monitor exactly in front of yourself and the center of the desk. It should be at eye-level and arm’s length away from your body.


we highly recommend you put the phone out of the desk in another location. If it is affordable provide a cordless phone and use smartphones.


But if it is necessary to have a phone on your desk, keep it on your dominant side to avoid reaching across your body.

Files and Folders

keep related papers in folders and only keep relevant folders on the desk. If you are a man we can offer you Black Desk Organizer and Pen Holder.

Files and Folders

You can put the folders on the backside of this all in one desk organizer. We also have a choice for the USA women which is Rose Gold Desk Organizer and Pen Holder with beautiful color and material.

White space

maintain a clear paper sized space at your dominant side to make reviewing signing and organizing papers easier.


you can put your smartphone in the desk drawer organizer, we will then discuss it.

B – Practice the following techniques and tricks too

1- Keep Only What You Need on Your Desk

Have you ever estimated how many of the items on your desk are necessary for you and how many of them don’t deserve a spot on the desk?If not, do it right now. Look at your desk, are there any unnecessary stuff, pickup them.

Keep Only What You Need on Your Desk 

If you have a multicolored pen or simply lots of pens on your desk, remove them or maybe give them away. If you are an artist and you are drawing with pens; okay keep them! but don’t put them on the desk, provide some pen holders for desk. But interestingly most of you are not an artist so there is no need to keep a lot of pens. We recommend you reduce the number of unwanted and unused pens, or put them in the pen holder for desk neatly. This is the same in the case of paperclips. Paperclips are lovely items, everyone likes to have more of them on a special box to put there on the desk. But stop thinking that way, if you need paperclips just take some of them and close the box and push it on drawers or desk organizers. Finally, These are just some samples, take a look again. If some items are not necessary, is just clutter. Put these Items on the drawer or office desk organizers. Remove everything, clean it thoroughly, and put back only those items that are essential for daily use

2- Group items with the same characteristics

Many of the items are similar and in the same family group. As we already mentioned, keep mostly used items and group them and save them on office desk organizers and cabinets.

3- There is not enough place to put your family or pet’s pics

We completely understand that you love your pets; you love your family and keeping photos in front of you gives you motivation and energy. But frankly, this is something that takes lots of space on your desk. If you have several pics and personal stuff slow your role on them. And don’t forget that you are in the home office not in the other building.

There is not enough place to put your family or pet’s pics

If they are away from you when you miss your family give them a video call and speak. Consequently, Instead of making your desk busy try to design some walls with personal memorabilia because the whole property is for you.

4- Notification overload is a real thing

Do you ever think why do you prepare a home office for yourself? Because you want a quiet place to focus on your job.

Notification overload is a real thing

But if you bring your smartphone to the home office it will take your concentration and in every hour you must listen to the … Ding Ding …. Ding Ding …  sounds, probably you don’t like that. We recommend you to turn off your phone and put it in the office desk organizers and drawers.

5- Digitize your papers and reports and get rid of unnecessary papers

Today all the computers are connected to the internet and there is no need to keep physical papers on the desk. You can simply open Google docs and start to write. All the words you are writing will be stored and you can access it in every country or every moment you wish.

Digitize your papers and reports and get rid of unnecessary papers

In this way, you will see a real optimization in the number of papers that usually were being stored on your desk and a new start to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle while affecting your life quality and satisfaction. After you recycled them or took them away, yet there will be some necessary papers and relevant and urgent documents on the desk, you can provide some colorful files to separate them and archive them in the office desk organizers and drawers.

6- Books are great but they are not necessary items to put on the desk

If you are a student or a teacher, there are several books with you.

Books are great but they are not necessary items to put on the desk 

It is really hard to leave your comfortable and ergonomic chair to place the unneeded books or pick up something new, in this condition an office desk organizer is really handy and near your dominant hand. But if there are some books that you are not interested in studying or you don’t have any time to read, take them to bookshelves.

7- Clean up before you go

Before you leave your home office, probably there are some messy papers with other unnecessary items, place them on their special spot and office desk organizers and drawers.

Clean up before you go

But imagine a day you are coming to your lovely home office if the desk would be busy and lots of clutters and papers, then there won’t be energy during work and you will suffer a bad headache for all the mess that is left from the previous day, but if you clean up before you go, you will have a clean start the next day.

8- Goodbye to the sticky notes

Most of the people are following a kind of managing trick to be informed about priorities and tasks. The traditional method is using sticky notes. Most of the busy desk owners are making it worse with these sticky notes.

Goodbye to the sticky notes

In some home offices, the whole screen of monitors is covered with these unnecessary sticky notes which are considered important reminders for tasks and events. Remove these sticky notes and put them in office desk organizers and drawers and try to use new and trendy management web applications like Asana and Trello.

9- Maintaining an organized office desk

This trick should be your secret weapon. You should practice this trick every day. There is no magic, you simply take some time about 10 minutes, and clear your desk.

Maintaining an organized office desk

If there are some disorders immediately put them in the office desk organizers and cabinets. Otherwise, the number of disorders and items on the desk will increase day by day, and accordingly, dust will gradually cover your desk.

Bottom Line

These were some effective and tested methods to keep your home office desk clean and neat. You don’t need to perform all of these methods on the first day. In the first days, just try to do one of them and see the results. In fact, maintaining a neat and clean desk is an ever-continuing project. As you noticed in all of the tips we talked about office desk organizers and accessories. These items are practical and save you a lot of space on the desk and more importantly, providing an organizer for a desk and a stylish pen holder for desk can change your desk decor. Finally, an organized desk can help set the tone and productivity level at your home office.

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