Selecting your workspace based on your needs

Selecting your workspace based on your needs

The story of designing a workspace started many years ago. The most important reason to have a professional workspace was remote working and telecommuting. Many people were living in different geographical regions and in most cases, they had small kids to take care of so they chose to work remotely and designed a workspace at home to increase productivity and efficiency. But today Covid-19 increased the demand for having a better home office. Therefore, you may have lots of questions when Selecting your workspace based on your needs.

What are the 7 things to consider when selecting your workspace?

People are looking for new and effective methods to work from home. Selecting a workspace is the first step. And if you are reading this article, probably you are looking for things to learn and do.

What are the 7 things to consider when selecting your workspace?

There are many professional workspace designers out there, who are specialized in designing a better home office for teachers and people who are self-employed or telecommuting but If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. We will offer you 7  things to consider when selecting your workspace. Keep reading and uncover what’s happening in the world of remote working.

1- Think About Why You Need a Workspace

There is no place like home, so your home is the most comfortable place in the world. You are living with a spouse or partner. Your kids and maybe your pet are beside you when working. You feel safe and you concentrate better on your job.

Think About Why You Need a Workspace

But always there are many variables that can reduce your productivity. So you need to answer the questions below and discover what your needs are. Then you can understand what kind of workspace best suits your needs.

  • Do you need to have video conversations regularly?
  • Do you need to have telephone calls with your customers or your colleagues?
  • Are you programming, writing, and making content?
  • Will clients come over to your place?
  • Do you need to keep kids or pets away from your workspace?

If your answer is yes, You need to separate your workspace in your home. َAfter all, we want to increase productivity and efficiency in your home office. A garage space, a small room, and even a small space which is separated by a curtain are the ideal places to work from home. Consequently, keeping your home office space away from your family and friends is a must.

2- Make Your Workspace Soundproof

The home office has its problems. One of the reasons people are not satisfied with working from home is annoying and distracting sounds.

Make Your Workspace Soundproof 

And because of that, they tend to work in rental workspaces and rental offices. But with a little effort, you can make your workspace soundproof and save lots of dollars renting another place:

  • Install sound curtains or thick blankets
  • Use bookcases
  • Install a door sweep
  • Use acoustic wedges panels
  • Use thick material
  • Separate the two layers of wall
  • Soundproof floors and ceilings
  • Install soundproofing panels

If you are a professional blogger or you are vlogging and making podcasts you need a soundproof workspace. Also, in this way, you won’t suffer the stress of hearing an unwanted sound, when you have a video conference, etc. More importantly, most of the workspaces are not made for doing the job. Imagine you are preparing for an important exam and maybe you are going to design a better home office for your kids for the purposes of studying. Respectively, you must set up your workspace in a place that is soundproofed.

3- Light is Crucial When Working

Physical and mental well-being is more important than the job you are doing. You are looking at the screen for many hours. We highly recommend you to prepare equipment to improve your workspace lighting and there are plenty of choices on the market.

Light is Crucial When Working

The natural daylight is also beneficial for the people who are working at home. Using sunroofs and new creative sunlight in addition to your workspace decor can make a big difference in the lighting condition. Researchers demonstrated that natural light can improve productivity in workspaces.

As you look at the traditional offices, most of them are using sunlight, glass domes, sunroofs, and wide windows to bring light to the office and make a pleasant workspace for the employees.

4- Add Some Green Plants

Probably you are a big fan of growing cactus. If you don’t like them there are other plants like a spider plant, dracaena, ficus, and Boston fern.

Add Some Green Plants

Keeping and growing plants in your workspace can make a happy place to work. Most of the plants have the power of refreshing the air.

  • They help us breathe better
  • They increase our productivity
  • Cactus reduce radiation of cell phone and other devices

While keeping a cactus and other plants have many benefits, they can bring a new look to the desk decor. There are many plants with different colors, forms, and features you can add to your workspace.

5- high-speed internet matters

Before setting up your workspace check the internet speed. Maybe the location you are planning to make your home office is the internet dead spot. As we already mentioned, in most houses, the workspace is designed for remote working and telecommuting, So if you have some internet connection issues, it’s necessary to change your place.

high-speed internet matters

Sometimes there are problems like shortness of internet cable. If your workspace is away from the internet rooter or wifi device. You can install some wifi dongle and there is no need to use long cables.

6- Redesign The Place According To Your Taste

If you have some unused room on your property, you can use it as a home office. If you think your place is a mess, don’t worry.

Redesign The Place According To Your Taste

Look for some inspiring home office photos and think about your needs. Add some personality and warmth to the place. Design a welcoming place and respect the job and responsibilities you are handling. If you love your workspace :

  • You will enjoy working there
  • Your productivity will increase dramatically
  • You will have job satisfaction
  • It results in Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Home members will respect you and the job you are doing

Most importantly, your colleagues and your employer will understand that you have room and a door to close it and have full concentration on the workflow.

7- Organize Your Home Office Workspace

After many hours of research and according to the creative office workspace design models and your needs, you might select a place in your home. And probably you bought new types of equipment like ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks.

Organize Your Home Office Workspace

Now it is time to organize your home office workspace. And there are things to consider when organizing a workspace:

  • Reduce the amount of paper use by digitizing your workflow
  • Use office desk organizers and accessories
  • Use pen holder for desk
  • Use wireless mouse and keyboards to free your desk suffering from wires
  • Clean your home office regularly

There are many easy ways to organize your home office desk, it is crystal clear that you can’t always get what you want. But Orgowise can offer you the best office desk organizer to meet your needs.

Always there is office stuff like notebooks, pens, rulers, adhesive tape, note papers, and even your smartphone and other gadgets. Rose gold desk organizer and pen holder is Orgowise simple solution to organize your workspace neat and professional. These office desk organizers and accessories are made of steel with a powder-coated finish. Appropriate for effective and productive workspaces. There is an alternative which is black colored to match your office desk decor and color.

At last but not least

Preparing a productive home workspace is not a project to do in one day. But you must start to set up & optimize your workspace and follow the new effective trends. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, This is a practice for you as a successful remote worker. And remember that there are always many cost-effective methods to make your workspace a better place.

Your turn

Tell us about your workspace, when setting up the workspace what kind of challenges did you have? What were your techniques to boost your productivity in your home office?

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